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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Taxi de Rhodes is a private taxi company in Rhodes in Greece, our service is accessible by the website https://taxiderhodes.gr/en/. Our taxi center is located in Faliraki, 15 minutes from the center of the main city and the port of Rhodes and 20 minutes from the Rhodes international Airport. Our servide is available to serve any kind of private taxi transfers. From Rhodes Airport or Port and anywhere on the island.

From the moment that you use our website and our service you accept our ”Privacy policy” described here and ”Terms and conditions” on the page “Terms and conditions” without reservations, limites or exceptions. Our service can change “Privacy policy” or “Terms and conditions” with no prior notice. In any case of change our service will inform all our clients by email to the addresses given in the inscription on our service.

What kind of informations we gather?

When you use our reservation or our contact form we demand some information about you such as your name, surname, phone number etc. All these informations are private we will use them only to fulfill correctly your transfer demand and send you the correct voucher. The information such as your IP, your home country, the screen resolution or the type of your device are gathered to ensure the quality of our services. We have also to inform our clients that Google Analytics monitor the users of Taxiderhodes.gr to turn our services the most effective for our clients.

How long we keep your personal data?

Our service keep your personal data only till our service is accomplished and as far as we need them to ensure the quality of our service.

how can you have access to these informations?

You can have access to all these information by using your account and entering with your username and passeword through the button up right to ”homepage”. You can modify of delete those informations inside your customer platform.


All personal information about our clients are safe thanks to SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.


Our Privacy Policy was issued on 14 April 2018, taxiderhodes.gr have the right to change or add any condition for any reason and anytime. In case of any change we will inform all our clients by sending them an email to the address given in their inscription on our service.

In case that you are confused about anything concerning our Privacy Policy please don’t hesitate to communicate with us by email : contact@taxiderhodes.gr